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LTA / NEA Grants

Incentive to De-register Older Motorcycles

From 6 April 2018, the National Environment Agency (NEA) will be offering an incentive of up to $3,500 for owners of older, more pollutive motorcycles which were registered before 1 July 2003, to de-register their motorcycles over the next five years. NEA will also tighten the in-use emission standards for these motorcycles from 6 April 2023. These motorcycles will no longer be allowed for use on Singapore’s roads after 30 June 2028.

Incentive Eligibility Criteria

All owners of motorcycles that were registered before 1 July 2003 are eligible for the incentive, if their motorcycles have a valid 10-year Certificate of Entitlement (COE) as of 6 April 2018, and are de-registered on or before 5 April 2023. Owners of motorcycles registered before 1 July 2003 will receive a letter from NEA by end-April 2018 informing them of their eligibility for the incentive. Owners may also log in to to check the first registration dates of their motorcycles.

Owners of motorcycles which are on the 5-year non-renewable COE, or the Classic, Vintage (Restricted), and Revised Vintage Vehicle Schemes as of 6 April 2018 are not eligible.

The incentive will consist of two components. The owner of an eligible motorcycle will receive $2,000 if the motorcycle is de-registered on or before 5 April 2023. If the motorcycle’s COE is not renewed on or after 7 April 2018, the owner will receive an additional $1,500 upon its de-registration. The owner will also receive a refund for the unused COE period, upon its de-registration. 

Refer to this link [PDF, 148.68 KB]  for a guide to the incentive.

How to Apply for the Incentive

Upon successful de-registration of their motorcycle, eligible owners will receive an application form from NEA via mail to fill out in order to receive the incentive. NEA will credit the payment directly into the bank account specified within two months upon complete submission of the application by the eligible owner.

For more details on the application for the payout, owners may call 1800-CALL-NEA (1800-2255-632).

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