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Motorbike Breakdown


Ah hui – 9616 6852

Donny – 9851 6255

Workshop number : 6748 7900


if still alive

  • Record Video or Pictures on the accident scene with Road lane markings.
  • Exchange particulars, Vehicle Number and Mobile number.
  • CALL KENNETH : 8690 0128

if unconscious

  • Call Kenneth later…..

Bikers are encourage to get additional accident coverage.

Esther Oh
Mobile : 96311636

Maintaining your bike.

Engine oil

  • 1st oil change. Traditional by 1000km. ( New Bike )
  • Following months 3000km to 5000km.
  • We only sell agent certified engine oil, change elsewhere at your own risk during your warranty period !


  • Top it up in our workshop during servicing.

Battery / charging

  • Usually there is a signal when its time to replace it.
  • Weak cranking / engine start, weak horn sound when idle mode.


  • Chain will signal you when theres a unusual sound.
  • Visit workshop to lubricate and adjust it.


  • Kenneth’s recommended pressure for all model : 200 – 220 KPA ( 30psi – 32psi )
  • You can also check your bike spec or tyre recommendation.

ERP iu unit

  • IUs are covered by a 5-year warranty. Visit VICOM if there’s a problem
  • Used Bike, call 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) and provide your vehicle or IU number and they will retrieve the warranty information to you.


  • Kenneth’s recommendation :
  • WD4D : Spray it on any cheap cloth or toilet paper for all parts.
  • Polish : Use it with micro fibre cloth and polish it on Fuel tank , cover set , mirror , visor, etc.
  • Wax : is like hair conditional, use it if it makes you happier.
  • Tyre shine : Use only on rubber or matt surface. DO NOT USE IT ON TIRES !!!


  • There are many parts that required lubrication after times for a smooth ride experience.
  • Key hole, gear shifter , brake and clutch lever, side stand, signal switches, etc.
  • Get some good grease spray, or visit workshop.

Bike manual

  • some new bike seriously doesn’t come with manual, visit workshop for more info.

( more details will be updated soon )

Repayment of instalment

  • ACCOUNT NO-588-105-528-001.
  1. Transfer, Bank online monthly order, Cash deposit. Or come make payment and get your bike serviced.
  2. Email receipt , name and bike number when done ,
  3. Call office to double confirm 6345 3687

We no not accept NETS or Credit card on instalment repayment at our counter.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Early settlement.

  • Penalty fee on early full settlement ? NO, we do not have penalty fee.
  • Early Settlement Fee ? Yes , we follow the rules and formula in hire purchase act. We do absorb the fee for Global motor customers who trade in their bike.

Trade in for new or used bike.

  • Contact Kenneth.

more details will be updated soon

Tips on riding.

Braking in corner.

more details will be updated soon